Rhia,Albert,Rachel & Reese

OMG!!! These photos are superb! I can’t believe these are our Phosart wedding photos that we are looking at, since 2018 we were just scrolling at their photos … it’s like a dream come true for us, to have seen our photos with Phosart copyright on them!!! I had goosebumps and was teary looking at them.

We would totally recommend them… 200%!!!

The connection and ease we found with them shows through in the final products. I am generally confident in front of the camera but Albert laid his disclaimer on the table that he finds it awkward being photographed and they immediately reassured him that they will guide us along the process which they did! They knew exactly how to make us feel like we were just hanging out with some friends and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed during the wedding, which was brilliant because not only they’ve captured our real emotions and personalities, we had the best time of our lives and we enjoyed the wedding! It wasn’t stressful, it wasn’t choreographed!They even gave the suggestion about venue setting and lighting to make our intimate wedding magical and we trusted them with it and they were right, they know exactly how to make a simple intimate wedding feels like a million dollar one! As clichéd as it sounds, we felt like we were being looked after by family.

Their professionalism was outstanding, their work ethics and commitment were such a delight to see and in just 10mins I already witnessed how passionate they are with their work, they take it seriously, it’s their pride and glory all because they want to give the best to their couples. Their combined energy is unparalleled.

The finished photos and videos ooze class, sophistication and refinement. Our photos and videos receive frequent compliments from our family and friends. Everyone thinks they were looking at wedding magazines with the quality of photos and that they are watching a film when watching our videos, these just describe how magnificent their artistry is and most of all a brilliant story teller! We can’t deny, a lot of tears were shed while looking at the photos and watching the videos.

If you’re looking for a cheap photographer who will just click the button of their camera, Phosart definitely isn’t the one for you. But if you value photography and cinematography and want someone who are a master of their craft and a true professional all-round, look no further! Plus, they offer something that not all photographers can – true flexibility. Few years ago it was just our dream to work with them and see our wedding photos with the Phosart trademark - that dream has turned into a reality and more because they welcomed our family to theirs and we became good friends since.

We will treasure these photos, videos and the friendship forever. Thank you all so much Phosart Photography and Cinematography team! Yamas! We love you all!!!


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