Proposal at Eros Beach, Santorini

We have accepted many requests from gentlemen who wanted to propose to their love of their life. Adam was one of them and from the first time we spoke with him, we knew we would have the chance to create something unique and extraordinaire.
  Adam, with his strong personality, wanting to make an out of the box project, having an authentic passion for cameras and technology (we can't describe it satisfactorily enough!), gave us the inspiration to organize his proposal as we finally did.
  His amazing skills in organizing every detail, not leaving anything to chance, in addition with our own, gave birth to the idea and the video you are about to watch. He even made a secret new e-mail address, so he could communicate freely with us.
  Writing scenarios, visiting locations, solving every little problem that came in the way, we finally succeeded to have a whole crew of 8 people to pass unnoticed throughout the session! Yana from "Divine Weddings" was responsible for the decoration and planning and was of so much help.
  The idea of the proposal was a domino of surprises and that was exactly what we did! Adam was open to every crazy idea we had and there was a wonderful collaboration between us. Noel, Adam's fiancée now, was just taken for a tour around Santorini with a helicopter. 

See the amazing video!

Decoration and co-planning: Divine Weddings | Catering: Spicy Bites | Horses: Santorini Horse Riding | Helicopter: Santorini Day Tours


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