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Eric proposing to Frankie at Dana Villas...

Eric cover in
When Eric decided to propose to Frankie, he contacted us first thing to share his intensions with us. He explained how they talked about traveling to Greece from San Diego and how the trip kept getting pushed back but finally it was booked.

  Frankie always said that she didn't want to be proposed to while on vacation and that seemed like the perfect opportunity for Eric to do it anyway and surprise her! He booked the private dinner area of Dana Villas, the most classic proposal scenery nowadays..!

  When they arrived at Santorini, they enjoyed spending 2 days together first. Eric's own words were these: "I don't want to do it right away because I do not want her to suspect I would be proposing. The third day, I will tell her that I want to take her to a nice dinner and that I have reservations and for her and to be ready... As the sun starts to set and when I am ready I will propose to her playing her favorite song..."

The rest can be told through our photos...



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