Pre-wedding photography at Lemnos, Greece!

Phosart Lemnos Gomati Beach
Lemnos is one of the many islands in the Aegean Sea!
It’s not easy to say which ones are the most beautiful because everyone has its beauty and something unique and different to offer!
The Greek islands can cover every traveler’s needs!
And of course any wedding's needs!
Lemnos in particular combines mountains and sea, lakes and deserts!
It has some unique locations and that is why Melena & Nikos chose the island for their pre wedding photo shoot!
The steep cliffs combined with the elegant style of the bride to be, makes you think you’re transferred to a chic styled shoot that belongs to a fashion magazine.
As the day continues and the couple walks through Lemnos’ picturesque stone-paved alleys you begin to realize you’re still in Greece!
That’s when the traditional wooden shutters come in the picture too, along with the stoned walls and the green scenery!
Our favorite stop: The Volcanic Rocks!
According to legend, Hephaestus landed here after Zeus hurled him off Mount Olympus - and although the fall was a steep one, he could hardly have touched down in a more appropriate spot.
The Miocene volcanoes that used to spew lava on these shores are long gone, but they’ve left behind peculiar, entrancing rock formations.
The locals call these rocks “faraklo” or “fragokefala” - “bald” or “bald heads” - references to the barren hills and tawny orbs that dot the volcanic landscape
It is a pre-wedding session that will make you want to plan your own!
Check the photo collection below to see for yourself and if you’re not amazed by all described above, then the ancient byzantine castle all lit up during the night, built above the port of Myrina, will surely make you say wow!


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