Romantic couple photo session in Central Park, New York!

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Today, we present you the pre-wedding photoshoot of a beautiful Greek-Arabian couple, Nikos and Neveen!
The story of how Nikos and Neveen met seems like the movies!
They both were riding a cab together back from work for 3 months without talking to each other.
Then, finally, Nikos decided to introduce himself-just a week before Neveen would leave the company.
A week after, they went on their first date and they have been together ever since!

They invited us for a couple photography session in the city they both live in, from the green Central Park to the busy streets of Manhattan.
The photoshoot took place around the end of winter and in the beginning of spring and the colors of Central Park were stunning.
The trees were just starting to blossom, while the combination with the cloudy sky created a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere that our couple enjoyed so much.
Nikos and Neveen, both smiling and looking so happy together, they were so immediate and friendly with us, that we felt like being together with our friends.
Both Nikos and Neveen were dressed casually but at the same time in elegance: Nikos in his blue jeans and white shoes and Neveen in her winter jacket and white scurf looked so beautiful!
The lake in the center of the park created the most romantic scenery for the couple and the whole scenery seemed like jumping out of the Hollywood romance stories!
The photographer’s vision was to follow this wonderful couple from their pre-wedding moments,
getting to know them and capture every moment of their romance story and complete their love story with their upcoming wedding in stunning Santorini!


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