Amazing After-Wedding session in London!

Phosart London 2
We love photographing our couples after their wedding day has passed.
It wasn’t enough for Danielle and Antonis (nor us!) having a single after-wedding day session, so we travelled to London for a 3-day photo shoot!
We started altogether with the van, very early in the morning, from Ealing to Wimbledon Park, charged with humor, good mood, coffee and croissants. What else would you need? Our appointment was at 9:00am and the horse- riding time would only last 40 minutes. Danielle was dressed up already with her bridal gown so we would save time, when we heard at the radio that we would face traffic ahead. Antonis made every effort to find the shortest route to Wimbledon Park. We arrived there late, of course, where we met the beautiful horse that you will see through the photos that follow, and the manager who led us to the park, a beautiful terrace with a lake in the middle. The weather was extremely cold with the temperature touching 0 ° degrees, where we could see faint traces of snow at the edges of the lawn. The lake was frozen on its banks. The manager informed us that the time we were allowed was only 20 minutes due to our delay. In this short period of time, we did our best for the best possible result and Danielle deserves congratulations for defying the strong cold and posing like the most experienced model!
Wanting to add a touch of another era, we continued the photo shoot at St. Ermins Hotel's Crystal Ballroom.
And how could we not take advantage of the narrow streets of the city of London, with the classic beauties that colored our cameras: the Big Ben Bridge, the red telephone booths, the busy streets, the combination of classical and modern... See more through the photos below...

Wish to see more?
Get ready for one of the most breathtaking wedding photographic collection  and a wedding trailer made of stardust and dreams!

Wedding dress: Eleni Kollarou | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo London Limited Edition | Groom’s suit: Dolce & Gabbana | Jewelry: Smith & Green London Diamonds


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