Romantic Wedding at Oceanides, Santorini

Once upon a time, boy met girl, they fell in love with each other, they got married & they lived happily ever after!

All these might sound kind of classical (and ok, a little bit cheesy!) but that’s what Aliki & Giorgos’s love story is about!
They are a couple like the ones you can see in the old romantic movies and that’s also the vibe you get from their wedding video!

A lot of people have wondered through the ages what is love, what is faith & trust, what is commitment!
The answer is easy when looking at Aliki & Giorgos! Their affection was so obvious during their wedding day in Santorini!
But what we, as their wedding videographers, were lucky enough to capture, are all these tender looks and touches that tell us a secret that words can’t.
It’s happiness through and through, the biggest secret of all, for those lucky enough to have felt it, but wise enough to keep it!
At the end, it would seem that Giorgos & Aliki are both lucky & wise enough for sure!

Enjoy this heart-warming wedding film and who knows!
Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find out the secret key to happiness as well... Οr maybe you have already found it!


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