Chic Wedding at Le Ciel Santorini

This couple stands out! Vy-Vy & Dennis make you feel like you know them! They share some qualities, like originality, funny and careless attitude, laughing their heart out; you can see their eyes purely smiling and suddenly you catch yourself smiling as well, living their wedding day with them by watching their wedding video! Surely you will get the chills hearing Dennis’s wedding vows, hence you may need a tissue or two. Either way, no worries, we will not judge!

Can’t stress enough that this particular wedding film has the ability to make you feel like you were there! You can’t miss the adorable bridesmaids in their blush pink dresses, gathering around our bride and supporting her through her special day! Giggling while getting ready sets the mood to a wonderful day that’s about to begin! Vy-Vy’s getting emotional, the whole nature celebrating their unison in marriage: all of these are things you cannot miss! Truly in love with each other and happy, the result is they’re a perfect match!!

Enjoy their wedding video & their amazing photo collection in Santorini, a couple that every videographer would wish to work with!

Wedding planner: Marvelous Weddings | Wedding venue: Le Ciel | Make up and Hair: Julia Popova


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