Incredible Proposal at Dana Villas in Santorini

Ben wanted to make a surprise marriage proposal to his beloved Janelle and for that he chose the amazing island of Santorini.
The blue color of the Aegean sea, the blue doms of the white chapels and the stoned graphical streets around the old town
and the areas of Oia and Imerovigli and the donkeys, the symbol of the island were the canvas for this incredible proposal story.
Our challenge was to photograph and to film the entire process, with hidden cameras all the way from the van that transported them to the hotel they stayed, with concealed mounting microphones and a helicopter with the sweetest load. Janelle went to the airport thinking their destination was London but she landed in...Santorini!
A luxurious van welcomed them at the airport with a first drink and brought them at Dana Villas luxury Villas for the secret proposal.
The plane landed and... See what happend in the video...

Planner: Elite Events Santorini | Proposal Venue: Dana Villas Santorini


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