Wedding Proposal at Canaves Oia Hotel, Santorini

Alberto and Miranda are such a sweet couple and so much in love..! Something so obvious from their wedding proposal video. Alberto was kind enough to share their own personal story:

“I met Miranda 5 and a half years ago through mutual friends (aka Facebook) ;)

For the longest time I knew that I wanted to propose, but hadn’t decided how or where to do it. My fiancée and I love to travel, so I knew that I wanted to ask her to marry me while on a trip abroad. From the world famous sunsets, to the bright blue domes, and beautiful water, I knew that Santorini was the place I would ask her to be my wife.

After booking our trip to Greece, I began doing research on possible places to propose and also looking at other proposals that had taken place in Santorini. This is how I ran into the Phosart team. I had planned on contracting a secret photographer, but once I saw their videos and loved how they captured the true story of the couple and all the special moments, I knew I had to book them.

Fast forward to when we arrived in Greece...we arrived in Athens and decided to stay there for a couple of days. I was nervous and could not sleep and constantly thought of every single outcome. But as the days passed I grew more and more excited to see her reaction and bask in our love on the day of.

As we were planning the trip, I had told Miranda that I was going to plan a special dinner for us and she needs to find a nice dress. She asked me so many questions, “how do other people dress...send me pictures of the restaurant so I know what to wear...are they fancy or not?” She finally settled on a dress, but was never completely sold on it. A few hours before the “dinner” we walked by a store owned by a little Greek woman who didn’t speak any English, but showed us one long blue dress. Miranda tried on this dress...and we knew it was the one!

A few hours later, we arrived at Canaves, I had to immediately “go to their restroom”, where I was set up with the mic and nervously waited for the surprise. A few minutes later I see my love walk down the stairs, and poured my heart out to her and finally asked her to be my wife. She said YES! I couldn’t have imagined proposing in any other way. It was more than perfect and everything we could have ever imagined.

The Phosart team was an absolute joy to work with. They captured everything I imagined the proposal to be and more. They are great at communicating, fun to work with, and made the process easy, but at the same time memorable for us. If we were having our wedding at Santorini we would definitely book them again!”

Proposal Venue: Canaves Oia Hotel

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