Breathtaking Proposal in Santorini, Venetsanos Winery

Six months before this arranged proposal, we received a kind e-mail from Gerson, explaining the nature of his request. As much as we love covering destination weddings, destination proposals are so emotional for us as well and we feel honored to help on a gentleman’s difficult task: asking his love of his life to marry him. Of course, Santorini makes it easier. With the dreamy scenery, the infinite blue and the ridiculously romantic sunset. You can’t lose, right? Gerson did not as he had us, providing all of our experience shooting undercover projects like natural, authentic proposals.

We started Skyping, although it turned out a difficult procedure for Gerson, as he had to talk to us at 6 am before work, as the time difference between Athens and California was big. We advised him to create a new e-mail address, as we always do, so we could talk privately, one Gerson always forgot he had, so we had to send him code messages to his original e-mail. After a while, a simple emoticon at his e-mail meant “check your other e-mail”!

After settling everything down, arranging the crew, visiting locations and thinking of ideas, there was a turn up: Katya surprised us first before we had the chance to. Gerson found out that she was pregnant!! His joy was overwhelmed and he remained with his decision to move forward with our plan of the proposal. Only we had to rethink everything. Katya was going to be 5 months pregnant at the time of the proposal, so we made changes to adjust. We decided to book Venetsanos Winery, where, besides the breathtaking view, it was easy to access and with not so many stairs so Katya wouldn’t get tired. That meant that we had to change the drone model as well, because of the strong winds around the location. A six-copter would do and we started the test flights.

After that unexpected turn of events, we came down to this scenario: Katya’s favorite place was Oia and she was dreaming to go there. Instead, Gerson booked somewhere else for their stay with the excuse that he couldn’t find anything available. The day that they had to go back home came and they prepared their luggage for the airport. A van came to pick them up from their hotel so they won’t miss their flight. Only, it was us all along, driving in a route that supposedly led to the airport. After a while, they came across a hitchhiker and the driver stopped to pick him up. That must have confused Katya. She was ok with that, only the driver didn’t ask... The hitchhiker gave her an envelope with a letter written by Gerson saying that they are not leaving; in fact, their stay is extended by two more days and they would stay, where else? Oia! Her happiness was really touching... The rest that followed, you can see on this genuine proposal video...

Proposal Venue : Venetsanos Winery

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