Destination Elopement at Dana Villas, Imerovigli

We hear how there is that special someone for each of us out there, but it's a big world and some of us may very well be in a different continent from our other half....but some people are just meant to be...
 There are tales wind in and out and around of each other from day one.
 These are the tales you simply moon over.
 This is the tale of Natalie & Mathew's intimate wedding. (Read more below...)

Their Story: a mesmerizing romantic story of two people who literally grew up together.
When Phosart Team first met Natalie & Mathew we couldn't help but listen to how they met, like a child listens to the stories of Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.
Natalie & Mathew met at the young age of 12, through cousins. They went to high school together, became good friends, grew up together...and around the age of 15 they became a couple and have been inseparable ever since.
On Natalie's 21st birthday Mathew took her on a weekend trip to Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.
One afternoon they were just driving, or at least that's what Natalie thought, because Mathew was actually looking for the perfect place where they would be alone...a serene spot to enjoy the sunset together.
He also had another surprise up his sleeve.
Mathew found the spot he felt was right and they spent hours there, taking in the views, watching the sunset and talking about each other, to each other, for each other....and then Mathew got on one knee and asked the most important question he had ever asked.
We can use many words to describe this moment...special, romantic, magical....but only the two of them will truly ever know how significant and powerful this moment was.

The outcome: an overwhelming yes and the elopement wedding planning begun.

Their Elopement: A destination wedding to a place you've never been to?...why not?...if it's as magical a place as the Island of Santorini in the Cyclades is, then it is definitely worth it.
...and even though Natalie & Mathew had indeed never been to Santorini before, Santorini is the Greek Island they chose to have their dream destination wedding at since they wanted something unique that would symbolize their relationship and how they felt about each other.

Their Adventure:...and the fairytale began...
Our team here at Phosart Studio understands more than anyone the importance of a couple's wedding day and the weight it has and after so many years of experience in the field of wedding photography and wedding videography, we have had our fair share of romance and happy tears and friendship with many if not to say all of our couples.
But you just never get bored of a true love story, each and every one of them are so different. Yet witnessing how Mathew looked at Natalie while she was coming down the aisle gave goosebumps to all.
It was such an amazing and intimate wedding day, Natalie looking like an elegant mermaid out on shore with her bridal gown, soft and beautiful against the blue Aegean Sea.
During the ceremony our cameras didn't stop clicking for a second, capturing the day in each and every photograph that we took.
After the ceremony we took the newlywed couple for their after wedding photoshoot which was laid back and fun and it was so sweet watching them as a newlywed couple and how excited they both were to be officially husband and wife.
The whole day was about chasing sun rays, sea waves and sunsets.

Natalie & Mathew: from their eyes

" there are so many jitters of excitement when you are planning your wedding day, especially when it is a elopement destination wedding in a place you have never been to before, so being in good hands truly does mean the world at that moment and really takes a load of you and Studio Phosart was simply perfect. We both felt so comfortable from the first moment we met Jo and Chris, they immediately made us feel at ease, guided us perfectly, knew exactly what to do, took one look at us and knew our style on the spot. We had so much fun with them and at the end of the day felt that we had two new friends in Jo and Chris. We are so lucky to have found and chosen Studio Phosart, it really was the perfect choice and they really were the perfect team in every possible way. We cannot repay them enough for the amazing wedding photography that they took. They were able to capture every moment and every emotion. Phosart Studio really does keep your memories alive. Thank you so much"..

Wedding venue: Dana Villas, Caldera view in Firostefani | Wedding gown: Pronovias

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