My Little Sweetheart

18 months ago, Panos and Nadia, two young parents from the beautiful island of Santorini, trusted us with the photography and cinematography of their little firstborn, Ariana.

There are no words to describe the unique journey we experienced during Ariana's first steps... Better let her Dad tell us the story from his own experience and feelings.

"Studio Phosart has been close to us during many special occasions in our lives during the previous year's capturing the special moments, the joy and with their incredible talent making all those special moments last forever through their Photography and Cinematography.

Just a few months before we were expecting the birth of our Ariana, Studio Phosart arrived at our home for a maternity photo shoot which was something that we really wanted to do, so during lunch with Phosart that Day George Photopoulos had an amazing idea and shared it with both of us. He asked us how we felt about the idea of the team coming to the hospital on the day of our daughter's birth and filming us the entire time we would be there up until the doctor brings out our daughter and we see her for the first time!

We both LOVED THE IDEA!! What an amazing time in our lives to have on video to always watch and remember. Something like this would have never crossed our minds and we hadn't seen something similar before and we do have quite a few friends with many children but no one had ever had professionals film the day. This was our first child we remember chatting with many of our friends about how they felt the day their children were born, it is one of or the most important moment in their lives but what they all shared in common was when they think back on this moment it feels that it passed so quickly.

Like we said to George "We are definitely doing that!!!" To have all those moments on video to watch and remember, to be able to see the expression on our faces, the grandparent's faces, friends that will be there and most importantly for our daughter when she grows up to be able to see the first hours of her life.

The special day came and it was a magical experience full of happiness and incredible emotions, of course Phosart was there filming so discreetly nobody really noticed. After a while and when we started to get used to this new chapter in our lives the George, Vasso, Joan, Miltos and Chris visited us to see how we are and tell us the ideas they had in mind for the video. They also saw Ariana sleeping in her cot and couldn't believe how much she had grown in just a few weeks so they took some quiet photos of her sleeping to add to the maternity photo session's photos.

That is when George had another Idea!!! What he said is "Since we have Ariana's birth, and since we will be filming her baptism in about a year and a half from now, why don't we film her every short while and put everything together after a year as one movie starting from the day she was born up to her baptism?

We really didn't know what to say, Ariana's first 18months all together as one movie, Of course we loved the idea, this would be priceless for Us, our families and Ariana in the future.

....And that is exactly what we did so a year and a half later the video was finished. We wanted it to be a surprise so we never wanted to know before how it would be or see scenes, we let Phosart work their magic.
The phone rang and it was George... "It's ready, pass by and let's see it all together"

It was an amazing experience, being able to live the moment over and over, to see the first moment when we all saw our baby girl and held her in our arms...the emotions where incredible , we can't remember how many times we saw the video that day. We got to share that day with many relatives and friends that were not able to be there that morning at the hospital.
This video will be treasured by us for the rest of our lives and we honestly don't know how to thank Phosart enough for making this all come true with their ideas, creativeness and professionalism. ... One of the most important moments of our lives will forever be with us thanks to them.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Panos, Nadia and Ariana

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