Breathtaking Wedding Proposal at Dana Villas

We present you this lovely and truly emotional wedding proposal that will bring tears to your eyes!
We could go on and on, but the words from Nicholas himself are beyond romantic!
Ladies, read more below and click here for their amazing proposal video...

''I had always envisioned in proposing in such a way that would nearly match the beauty and elegance of Jaclyn. I had wanted to propose in a way that was not similar to what others have done.
I felt in my heart that she deserves everything in this world and I just wanted to make the moment special for her and for us. Growing up I had always admired the beauty and elegance of Santorini, Greece;
the Cycladic architecture with the white walls and blue domes that stood on top of the high cliffs of Santorini.
When we had got back from the cruise, I knew in my heart she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I had a vision to how and where I wanted to propose''  (read more below...)

I was amazed by the work of Phosart Photography and Cinematography
I was in contact with Stella Pilati from Phosart, who had assisted me in making my vision a reality. The plan was to have photos and a video done for both the day of the proposal and the day after for an engagement shoot.
For over a year, we went back and forth via emails planning for this special day. I had chosen Dana Villas Santorini for the place of our engagement, because of the beautiful terrace that had overlooks the Aegean Sea.
I thought the terrace was a beautiful palette for me to paint on. So, visualized through pictures, and videos to what exactly I wanted it to look like for Jaclyn and I.
I used Phosart for the photographer, cinematographer and drone.
An important aspect that I wanted to incorporate in the video was Jaclyn’s great aunt and grandmother who passed away.
I had incorporated a drone into the video to present aerial views in the video to symbolize that both her great-aunt and grandmother who passed, was there with us on that day looking down at us from above.
Jaclyn has a tattoo of her great aunt’s favorite flower, which is a tiger lily. I contacted Betty Flowers Santorini to incorporate floral arrangements for the terrace.
These floral arrangements would include Jaclyn’s favorite flowers; the sunflower, and her great aunt’s favorite flower; the tiger lily.
In order to cover this whole plan up, I had to tell her that this was business trip to Santorini Greece. It was months of throwing curve balls at her, to make sure I did not give anything away.
The trip was from August 19th – 26th, 2018. On August 22nd, my life changed forever. The day finally had came, and I had told her that we’d be meeting my coworker for a dinner at Dana Villas. We arrived at Dana Villas a few minutes before 6pm.
I had told her we were waiting for my coworker to arrive, but really I was stalling for time to ensure everyone was in place. Dana Villas is built on a cliffside, so there were a lot of steps going downwards to be walked.
We made our way down to the reception where we had met Kostas. Kostas worked for Dana Villas and has been involved in this whole proposal plan for the past year.
At the reception area, Kostas walked by me and whispered to me that it was a good time to blindfold her.
In order to get to the terrace, there were many steps to go down. At this point, I had told her I had saw my coworker down by the terrace and we should go meet him.
Before, we left the reception I told her to wait one second and that I had to blindfold her. At this point, all the nerves and anxiety was at an all-time high. I walked her down the steps and told her to wait at the entrance to the terrace.
Once, I got into place, I told her to take the blindfold off. Throughout that whole day I told myself that I would be fine, and I knew exactly what I wanted to say to her.
As soon as she took the blindfold off, I saw the emotions that had suddenly filled her and I completely lost it.
They were emotions that I will always remember till this day, and the same emotions that I had from the first time I met her back in December of 2012.
As I went through what I wanted to say to Jaclyn, I felt an incredible amount of nervousness and anxiety start to slowly lift off my shoulders. These feelings were replaced with feelings that I will never be able to explain.
But they were feelings that I will always hold near and dear to my heart, and they were feelings that conveyed that everything that has been planned for this day has finally came and that at in the next few seconds, I was going to ask the love of my life to marry me.
I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She said YES and the amount of happiness and joy that has filled my heart is more than I could ever explain. It was on August 22, 2018, where my life has changed forever.
From the bottom of my heart Jaclyn, I love you so much!
Vendors:Venue: Dana Villas | Flower Decoration: Betty Flowers Santorini | Engagement Ring: Ascot Diamonds

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