The perfect marriage proposal overlooking the Caldera

Warning! This surprise marriage proposal is going to melt your heart..
Vinny and Stephanie met back in college and travelled the world together.
At first, they became great friends and as their friendship grew stronger it turned out to a greater love!
Vin chose to propose to the love of his life in Santorini, at the most romantic scenery.
It took some months to create a unique scenario with our talented partner-vendor Niovi Kay and we are happy to share this amazing proposal photography with you!
Read below the story of Stephanie and Vincent’s proposal as our bride-to-be experienced it...

“Vin and I love traveling to new places any chance we get, whether it is little weekend trips or long vacations. We decided to travel to Greece. We marked our calendar, booked our flights and began planning our Greece excursion to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos! Ironically, my cousin and his girlfriend happened to be going to Greece the same week and days we would be in Santorini which made us even more excited! We were so happy to be able to meet up with them while we were there. The weeks following up to Greece, we all would email and text each other activities we wanted to do and restaurants we wanted to try. I was told to bring a dressier outfit for one of the nights since my cousin’s girlfriend Monica had planned a fancy dinner reservation for us at one of Santorini’s best dining spots. Little did I know, they were all in on a way bigger secret for that night than just dinner. Fast forward, we get to Greece, spend our first day and night in Athens touring the city and left early the next morning for the beautiful island of Santorini. We arrived and the view was simply BREATHTAKING!
We were so in love with everything about the island and so happy to be with one another experiencing it for the first time. The first night in Santorini, we ate right near our hotel with Pasquale and Monica. It was the perfect first night in the most perfect place. The next day, we had plans to go to the beach and then come back to the hotel to be ready by 6 for our dinner reservations that Monica had planned...or so I thought. I kept saying to everyone at lunch how I wasn’t going to wash my hair to save time in getting ready for dinner. That’s when Vin stepped in and asked Monica to work her magic in convincing me that it wasn’t the best idea and thank God, he did! I later very much thanked her for convincing me to do so :) Monica and I headed back to our hotel rooms to start getting ready, while Vin and Pasquale went back out for a couple more rides on the ATV’s we had rented. All ready by 6:00, we met upstairs near our hotels and took a cab to “Dinner”. We get to a beautiful cliff on the island and our driver tells us to walk straight ahead toward the direction of the restaurant. We begin to walk when a woman approaches us and asks us if we are tourists visiting Santorini. She explained how she worked for a magazine and had some other photographers with her who were looking to photograph and interview tourists who come from all over the world to see the Greek islands. They had cameras around their neck and when we agreed to take some pictures for them, they had us sign waivers as well. We all happily agreed to take some pictures for a couple minutes and answer some questions. I was so excited that I was going to be in a magazine! We started to walk on this cliff where the photographers had their set up. Walking to the setup, I thought how beautiful it was.
It was set up like a lovely living room area and with an amazing view surrounding it. We arrived to the spot when I asked Vin if they were going to start taking pictures of us first since I saw Monica and Pasquale were farther behind us and stopped walking. I also then took another glance around where we were and saw a beautiful crafted heart with a photo of Vin and I at a wedding we had went to where I caught the bouquet. At that moment, I looked at him and asked “what is our picture doing there?”. I was shaking as we held hands and Vin started what would be the most amazing, romantic, and beautiful proposal I could have never even dreamed of! With tears filled in my eyes, I said YES to my best friend and love of my life with the most breathtaking view around us. There were photographers and videographers to capture the perfect moment and musicians there playing our favorite romantic songs! It was all truly a DREAM. We toasted with some champagne and had a two-hour photo shoot overlooking the island of Santorini!
There was never actually a magazine shoot and the woman who approached us was actually the event coordinator Vin hired to help him plan this perfect proposal. The cab driver was actually in on this whole proposal too!
Though I never had my photos in a magazine, let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome of our photo shoot!
We went on to have an amazing rest of the trip and the celebrations didn’t end there. When we landed from our flight,  we were greeted by our family at the airport. They were cheering and clapping and holding up the cutest signs with balloons and flowers. It was so special and I will remember it forever! We then took the party outside in the parking lot and kept celebrating. All the love made us feel so special and so loved and even more excited to start our wedding planning adventure!
To my best friend & fiancé -thank you for going to endless measures to make me the happiest woman on earth and planning the most beautiful proposal! It was nothing short of perfect and I will remember it for the rest of my life!”

Can't get enough of this lovely couple? Here you can watch their breathtaking proposal video!

Planning & Design by Niovi Kay
This wedding proposal was featured at HowHeAsked
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