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We are storytellers... Our mission at Phosart Photography & Cinematography through our diverse style is to make sure each photo and moment we capture tells a story that you will cherish for a lifetime. We genuinely enjoy collaborating with our clients to transform their dreams into reality.
Being family in life and work bonds us since 2004, when Studio Phosart was created in Athens, Greece.
Through our many years of professional experience in both fields of photography and videography we have come to realize how important these two arts are when combined by one team, working together in perfect harmony before, throughout and after any project.
We will be there for you as professionals, but also as friends, having fun together, sharing advises and enjoying every moment.
We keep your memories alive..!

"We have a story just like you.... To some, we may just be photographers & cinematographers doing their job...but this is not our story.
When we first started Phosart it was because of our passion, a passion for making memories and for keeping all the things that have made our life what it is, alive.
We still remember our wedding day and it has been 25 years now.... My wife still has her bouquet although it looked much more elegant then, but she doesn’t care because it is a piece she keeps with her and it keeps that day alive, just like photographs.
I still remember the first time I saw her at the church, how nervous I was... how mesmerized.
We have been through all the motions....the nerves, the anxiety, the tears for no reason....and we know what an important day it is for all of you, the expectations and the dreams.
So our first vow to you is that we guarantee your wedding day will be not only special but unique and the memories you will have will last for life"
George Fotopoulos
Owner | Chief Photographer | Director



Wedding Photographer Excellence Award

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