This 1920-themed wedding video clip will be the only thing you'll need to see to fall in love with this amazing same-sex wedding!

In a vintage mansion in beautiful Tuscany, a romantic couple decided to tie the knot in an intimate, extravagant, and luxurious scenery. Jorge and Elvis made their dream come true together with Phosart photography that captured the elegance of this 3-day event wedding! From colorful velvet groom suits to flashy wedding dinner decorations with amazing chandeliers hanging from the roof and an outstanding theatrical photo shoot in the woods, it would be an understatement to say that their wedding weekend was an absolute blast!

Often, the setting of the wedding creates an atmosphere. And nothing amplifies luxury more than a Great Gatsby-themed wedding decoration, with artifacts on the interior like magnificent chandeliers, a galaxy of candles and white roses, a marvelous piano decorated with colorful roses, and various busts of sculptures outdoors. The jaw-dropping dresses and costumes that were designed by one of the grooms, Jorge himself, a famous designer from Miami, added to the beauty of the luxury wedding ceremony and left all the guests speechless. His creations are one of a kind since he manages to combine cubist designs with Art Deco flourishes, a mix of Caribbean style and Asian minimalism.

The two grooms took a ride in a vintage cabriolet into the woods where they took breathtaking photos and they captivated us with their intimacy and passion. This photo shoot will definitely give you the most amazing gay-love vibes. The wedding dinner decoration followed the vivid colors of The Great Gatsby theme with a combination of red and black flowers enhanced with gold and pink details magnifying the mystical atmosphere.

The groom, Jorge Manuel quotes
"We always dreamed of having a fairytale too, but usually these happy endings are never meant for gay people like us. In a world where sex discrimination still exists, let this be a statement, loud and clear, that love is love. No religion, no indoctrination, and no judgment should limit anyone’s happiness! You are no less and no more than anyone else and the chance to be loved and give love belongs to us all.

We ALL deserve the happily ever after ending!"

The pair pulled off a timeless yet unconventional luxury destination wedding in Tuscany with their closest and dearest loved ones. The result was an epic mystical and elegant party that’s one for the books! Don’t miss out on the amazing details the Phosart team has prepared for you and we promise that this gay wedding will become your favorite! Jorge and Elvis’ wedding is a stunning, fresh take on a color combo and is a must-see for couples that look for a vintage Tuscan wedding inspo.

Venue's: Villa Di Geggiano - Villa Curina Resort- Villa Vallentini Bonaparte | Planning: Eachother Weddings & Events | Flowers: Flowers Living | Lights & Music : Gaetanosicaridj | Cars: Preludio Rental