Dream Big. Be Inspired. Love Freely

That time of the year has come for Studio Phosart to collect all the memories we keep inside us and all the moments we have lived with you and through you...and through this we present to you our Annual Show reel for 2015.

This video is for you.

From all corners of the earth, you have all trusted us with your most cherished moments , you have let us be part of your surprise wedding proposal, your wedding day, the birth of your first born child.
You have travelled us to all corners of the globe, filled us with amazing memories that cannot be described and have made us part of your world.
You have made us part of your families, have offered us your friendship freely and through you we have dreamed, loved, wandered and explored.
When we started picking shots for our annual show reel we didn't realize what an emotional roller coaster it would be and through the videos once again we cried and laughed and partied...a long process that didn't seem like work for a second. We re-lived all those moments we have spent with you, first meetings, great friendships and a million pieces of moments in time...seconds....that have brought us to this day.

From Greece and all its beautiful islands...Santorini, Mykonos, the strong and vivid temperament of Italy where we met people that treated us like we were lost cousins, Tuscan with its beautiful countryside and the Big Apple and the U.S of A where we took one of the most amazing road trips of our life to meet up with many of you who we are lucky to now call Dubai and its ambitious futuristic the breathtaking Turkey where a stirring alchemy of profound traditions engulfed us ...

Each & Every one of you created this, thank you...thank you for your time, your trust and your respect. For giving us so much to remember and for embracing us with your love...Thank you.
So take a day off, take your other half & your loved ones...leave your phones behind and just have fun, keep some hours that will be only for you and them....and treasure every moment of boredom, silliness and laughter....for the small moments are what make the bigger picture.

You have been a huge part of Studio Phosart and without you none of this would be possible....but you have been an even bigger part of our lives.
So to all of you we raise our glasses and we wish you eternal happiness, you all deserve it more than you know.

Thank you for helping us Keep Your Memories Alive!