Dan and Melissa made their fairytale wedding come true with this destination wedding in Santorini, Greece. These two lovebirds are each other’s best friends and they were eager to tie the knot in the most romantic Greek island in Santorini. As they are both travel lovers, Santorini is the best place to choose for this out of touch with reality elopement! We were amazed by the chemistry they had and it’s certain that the camera loves them! They combine passion and tenderness as well as love and friendship. The epitome of a long-lasting relationship!



“We met in Dubai since our professions drove us both there and immediately we felt sparks fly!

I am Australian/Italian and Dan is English/Polish/German so you can say that we are an international couple who loves traveling and meeting new cultures.”


The wedding ceremony was elegant and uplifting! The couple’s vows made every guest teary and the idealistic Santorini caldera view took our breaths away. The picturesque Santorini alleys and blue domes were perfect for our photoshoot. Watching the beautiful Santorini sunset from the Cavo Ventus in Santorini was a one of a lifetime experience!


“The moment we entered the wedding venue and all of our family and friends cheered on us was magical!

We had a long party night with them and danced until the early morning hours.”


Meet our lovely couple and get all summer wedding vibes on this short video clip we prepared for you. It’ll definitely give you the best destination wedding inspo!


Venue: Cavo ventus luxury villa | Planning: Stela & Moscha | Flowers: Betty flowers Santorini