Santorini, what a romantic gateway! Every alley is like a painting. The caldera view is breathtaking and the Mediterranean Sea will magnetize you with its crystal blue waters. No wonder Clene’t and Kevin fell in love with this beautiful island and its wonders!

Travel with us through these picturesque corners and make your dream come true by creating the most amazing destination wedding ever! Santorini will make you feel like you’re living a fairytale! This video screams out ROMANCE! The feeling of belonging to each other is the most precious feeling in the world. And it’s all captured through our cameras on Clene’ t and Kevin’s faces! The way they look at each other, makes the world disappear! The way they hold hands is the way every woman wants to be held, to feel safe and sound. From the beginning until the end, the romantic harp playing to a never-ending night party, travel with us! Feel the festive atmosphere! After all, what is love without a little entertainment!!

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