This time Phosart’ s team travelled to California to capture the most romantic weekend wedding celebration at South Lake Tahoe.
The wedding venue was Edgewood Tahoe Clubhouse and this destination wedding film will astonish you!
The wedding scenery was magical: Pure nature at its greatest!
A green forest full of pine trees, falls of blue waters and the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada, surrounding the lake of the crystal blue waters,
gave the impression that we were lost somewhere inside the pages of a fairytale book!
The two weddings, the Indian Bengali ceremony, and the Christian ceremony were both unique.
The Bengali ceremony had a taste of India:
The bride made an entrance with a horse carriage to a wedding ceremony that flashed backed to the magical world of Indian mythology.
Both the bride and the groom, dressed in traditional Indian clothing, the bridesmaids dancing to Indian songs
and the whole spiritual atmosphere of the reception, all were moments to remember for a long time!
The second wedding ceremony was just like jumping out of the Snow Queen fairytale.
A snowy Lake Tahoe, ice sculptures everywhere surrounding the wedding venue and the clear night sky full of stars transformed the wedding into a Hollywood movie!
Our stars, Elisha and Sam, walked hand in hand down to the snowy lake, and their love and passion for each other brought tears of happiness to our eyes.

This wedding film will leave you breathless!
You can also watch the traditional Hindu ceremony photos, the day after photos and the wedding trailer!

Venue: Edgewood Tahoe (Lodge & Clubhouse)