When Dru contacted us to arrange his wedding proposal to Bhumee, he knew from the start what he wanted. "I imagine quite a romantic proposal, would like it to be in a secluded location with stunning views. My intention is to blindfold her and walk her to the location, I will be there with candles and flowers around me" he wrote. From our conversation, Dru made us understand that he wanted a location far from prying eyes and too many tourists. The natural heart carved on the rock into the side of the Caldera, giving a unique view of the Volcano, seemed the perfect magical setting for Dru to pop the question. Bhumee did the effort to walk all the distance blindfolded and couldn't believe her eyes when she uncovered them! A few moments after the proposal, they walked to the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, built carefully into the side of Caldera & enjoyed the famous Santorini sunset!! Click here to take a more detailed look at their photo collection!

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