Take a deep breath.... and the journey begins.
What a sweet couple! Such romance and affection! These travelers will take you on a tour of the other side of Santorini island with its magnificent beaches of black and red volcanic pebbles.

Tina and Cederique is a young couple from Belgium who are traveling around the world. After getting in touch with us through Instagram they were eager to meet up during their stay in Santorini for a unique Greek island photoshoot that would capture Santorini through our eyes. We could not argue with their proposal! We love these moments! It was an opportunity for us to capture this beautiful Santorini island like when we saw it for the first time. What would we want to see from Santorini? What do we miss and not see often? After careful thought, we decided to explore together with @ournextlocation the beautiful Emporio village with its lovely castle and see the sunrise at Vlychada beach, both located on the southern side of Santorini.

The unique landscape will leave you breathless as you see another side of Santorini island, without Caldera. What an amazing change of scenery! In Emporio village with its narrow streets and the Cycladic architecture, our young travelers stand side by side supporting each other. The love in their eyes is vivid. Tina dances through the picturesque streets as if she is in a fairytale. Their interest in the history and beauty of the south part of Santorini encouraged us to share all our knowledge and memories with them. Their chemistry made the photo shooting amazing, and Tina gave us a great variety of poses. We decided with @ournextolocation to create a video also. Of course, they completely put their faith in us. The most challenging part was the transition from the village to Vlychada beach. The Phosart cinematography team worked their magic once again! Tina's one breath takes us to this atmospheric beach with its overwhelming carved cliffs and dark volcanic sand. Why did we choose this "breath"? Maybe because one breath is what keeps us all alive, calmly discovering the beauty of this wonderful world.

Through this video, we channel the couple's tranquility. Our Santorini wedding videographers added a special film to make this time travel memorable. This island has offered us so many memories! We fell in love with this Santorini couple session! Our young travelers were so pleased with the result! They shared the video with their friends and families while announcing their engagement! We couldn't be happier with it...This is why we love what we do...for these little cherished moments...