Τhis wedding reception film will make you dream!
The perfect scenario for this amazing couple was the way they met:
It was a rainy morning and for Giannis was just another routine: Walking down the Aristotelous square at Thessaloniki, going to work in rush trying to avoid the crowdy pedestrians walking by him.
Elli was walking up the square while she accidentally fell into Giannis. Both leaned over to lift Giannis paperwork, and their hands met, like it was destiny.
It didn’t take more than one touch for both to fall in love.
In rush to go to work, they afterwards left, without knowing if they would meet again.
Against all odds, the same night Elli walked in the club downtown that Giannis was playing as a DJ at and he couldn’t miss her again:
She approached Elli with mojitos in hand, started dancing with her and that was it:
Sooner than everybody could predict they got married.
This wedding entrance film will take you to infinity!