So glad you’re here! If you’re planning your baby’s baptism photography and cinematography, you are in the right place! Nasos’s baptism day at Island Athens Riviera is full of amazing inspiration and of course colours, candies and the most positive energy! Being a part of a loving family is truly a blessing. Every parent loves their baby more than anything and a christening is always a great opportunity to become family with your closest friends, by choosing them as godfather and godmother! After a great baptism ceremony at a traditional white church by the sea, an exciting reception dinner & party followed at Island Athens Riviera! Everyone danced and had a great time, singing along with the famous greek singer Dionysis Schoinas, who was extremely vibrant and hyped! All in all, a great event, filled with celebrity guests at Island Athens Riviera! Click here for the amazing baptism photo collection!

Vendors: Event Planner: Fay Vallidis | Candybar: Palet Patisserie | Christening cross: Anatol Jewellery