Phosart Jennifer review 
Jennifer & Jugo, Evia 2016

A big THANK YOU! to George and the Studio Phosart Team for doing such a fantastic job for our wedding at Villa Delenia.
We really appreciate all the handwork and time everyone put in to capturing our wedding weekend and we truly enjoyed working with George and his team.
Our families actually haven't stopped talking about how much fun the photoshoot was.
Everything looks so beautiful and they were really able to capture everyones personality perfectly. We really can't say enough how happy we are!!!
Thank you for helping to make our wedding the most wonderful and memorable experience of our lives.

Lauren & Christopher, Santorini 2016

Our interaction with you could not have been easier. I never thought planning a wedding all by myself could be so simple. It was so easy to communicate with you through email. When we arrived in Santorini you met with us and we went over last minute details, it was such a breeze. Joanna and Chris are amazing photographers. We had so much fun taking pictures with them all day. We are so thrilled to be able to share this special day with our family and friends back home. The best day of our lives will forever be cherished and we have a keepsake for a lifetime thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough! I am absolutely in love with it all! The movie is incredible and I am so happy we can relive it. We are so thrilled to be able to share this special day with our family and friends back home. The best day of our lives will forever be cherished and we have a keepsake for a lifetime thanks to you.

Annick and Jonathan
Annick & Jonathan, Santorini 2016

Phosart did a fantastic job for our wedding. From liaising with Stella before our wedding to the experience we had with Chris and Joanna on our pre-wedding meeting and our wedding day, they showed great professionalism and skill. Joanna, our photographer and Chris, our videographer were fun, talented and made us feel very at ease the whole time. Joanna captured the best moments of our wedding day in some incredible photos and we really got to know the extent of Chris’ creativity when we watched the short clip he put together of our wedding day. Simply amazing and Chris could not have done a better job, especially given the song we chose for the clip. Absolutely looking forward to our wedding movie! We would totally recommend Phosart to any couple getting married in Santorini. They did keep their promise by keep your memories alive! Our communication with Stella has been amazing throughout the whole process. She is very informative, courteous and also very helpful in providing great advice and insight during the planning process. It was very smooth and we could not be happier. Chris and Joanna were nothing but fun to interact with since we caught up with them for the first time at our pre-wedding meeting. They kicked off with a great start and that made us really excited for our wedding day. Both of them demonstrated great flair and provided guidance during our wedding photoshoot and above all, made us feel really at ease while having so much fun. They were very subtle when filming or taking pictures at the wedding ceremony and reception. In brief, we absolutely loved them!

Eva and Naji
Eva & Naji, Athens 2016

How I said it before We love you all of you. Phosart team is just so easy going and friendly ...I knew many other brides that had a stressful time with them photographer but definitely the opposite happened with us. It was fun and cheerful with lots of laugh and jokes but a same time professional. I would recommend Phosart team to everyone who want to make them special day as a perfect memory. Even before I believed that you have to invest in professionalism because I cannot tell you the feeling what I had when I saw my short video for a very first time. It just brings me tears with this amazing video.... It holding together all the emotions: and important elements Love, Excitement, Joy and Fun. Couldn’t say enough thank you for a perfect work what they have done for us.

Phosart 029
Lena & Babis, Athens 2016 

What to say for you, team of Phosart ??? You are awesome, amazing, unforgettable!!!! Together we laughed, we had a beautiful time and the result was sooooooooooo very beautiful and dreamy!!! We have already recommended you to our friends and will continue to!!!!

Jenna and William
Jenna & William, Santorini 2016

From the very first email that was exchanged between us everything has ran smoothly. As soon as we met Joanne and Chris we knew we were in good hands. On our wedding day they were great, giving us time to see our guests and then by getting some fantastic pictures. They knew the right time to get certain shots and the results are fab.

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Dana & Mohtab, Athens 2016  

It was impressive to watch how the team worked with all of our family and guests. They were good at giving directions when needed and equally good at fading into the background when necessary. The full Phosart crew made the whole experience fun and kept making jokes and interacting with us and the family. I really can’t recommend them highly enough! Our pre wedding, wedding day and post wedding photoshoots were absolutely beautiful. The Phosart family are true artists. George approaches shooting with an artist’s eye. We really appreciated his attention to details and candid moments that, along with the more obvious photo-ops, helped to capture the full spectrum and depth of our wedding.

Rita and Elie
Rita & Elie, Athens 2016 

The best thing in the wedding was that you were our photographer (and videographer)!
Working with you was easy and it affected our wedding day!

Kate and Jake
Kate & Jake, Santorini 2016 

Phosart are an ideal choice – very straight forward arrangements, no fuss or complexity which is exactly what we wanted. We didn’t have to get involved once! We were tricky customers – both of us don’t like posing for photos which makes the job harder for the photographer, but we were never once made to feel pressured or that we were hindering the photographers efforts! Thank you! Our photos are exactly what we wanted – natural, only a small handful of posed traditional wedding shots, and the rest really just focused on our beautiful venue and the happenings of the day.

Kate and John
Katie and John, Monemvasia 2016

Thanks so much!! Our videos bring back so many memories.
You guys are seriously amazing at what you do, we could not have been happier with the 'trailer' and We were extremely happy with the full length videos - it took us back to our happy happy day and it was very emotional!

studiophosart 87
Waimai and Chris, Santorini 2015
We are very happy with Phosart’s professionalism & personable approach! Your team was really dedicated and the photos and videos were perfect! We were very happy with the results and enjoyed your teams’ company on the day! We cannot thank you enough!

Natalie and Mathew, Santorini 2015
From day one we have felt like we have been in good hands, the day that we met Chris and Jo we instantly felt at ease, they knew our exact style and we knew we had chosen the perfect team! They are so talented and ridiculously good at what they do. I feel so grateful and like I could never repay Phosart for giving us the most beautiful gift of keeping our memories alive. We will always be able to look back at these photos and videos and go back to our special day, you have captured every moment in its true form, showing all of the exact emotion and beauty. I could truly never thank you all enough.
I owe you all so much for giving us the most beautiful photo memories that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.
I am so grateful, you are so talented!

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